Canadian ACH Processing Account

Debiting and crediting Canadian bank accounts has never been easier. Merchants throughout the world are able to ACH both; debit and credit, personal and business bank accounts. Most industries are accepted for this service and setup is done within only a few days. Merchants will have the option of integrating the payment service into their website or by using a batch upload for many transactions at once while the virtual terminal service is available for smaller businesses.

Canadian ACH credits and debits are performed next day and the debits only take a couple days to clear. Merchants will have the ability to login online and view their transactions to see which transactions have cleared and which ones are still waiting to clear. After clearing, funds will be transferred to the merchant’s bank account. The process is seamless eliminating any problems normally associated with ACH payment processing.

Security is always a concern for businesses however never a concern when processing ACH payments with our company. Your company will choose how they want to accept payments depending on your company’s individual business model and our tech people are standing by to assist with any integration questions or issues. Contact our office today and see how easy it is to start processing transactions for your Canadian clients.