Canada Echeck Processing Account

Accepting echecks from your Canadian customers is now possible for businesses based all over the world. Canadian echeck processing allows your business to easily receive payments from Canadian personal and business bank accounts. Nearly every industry is accepted including medium and high risk businesses. There is no governing agency for echeck unlike ACH; allowing a wider array of businesses to be approved to accept payments.

Your business is able to debit a customer’s bank account and the payment will show being debited the next day. The debit payment will clear within a few days and then the funds will be promptly settled to the merchant’s bank account. Merchants will check their online gateway to see which funds have been collected and which funds have not been collected yet. By accepting echeck payments, merchants will be able to lower their processing fees along with decreasing their chargebacks. Since the payments are considered checks, the customer must pay a stop payment fee in order to cancel or void the payment.

Increase your company’s bottom line by adding additional payment methods for your customers to utilize. Contact our office today and realize how easy it is to process echeck payments for your Canadian clients.