About Us

High Risk ACH has been providing merchant services since 2001. After years of providing reliable and competitively priced card processing, High Risk ACH has expanded into the ACH and echeck processing industry. As a globally recognized payment processor, High Risk ACH has arranged special terms and pricing for high risk merchants looking for ACH processing. Every legal business is accepted and merchants can begin processing payments in less than five days.


At High Risk ACH we offer real time credit card and debit card services that are easily integrated into your website or can be used as a virtual terminal. We guarantee affordability, flexibility, quality and customer support . Our team will help you from the pre-approval stage to answering questions with your statements. Whether you are processing credit cards, debit cards or ACH payments, High Risk ACH will be able to help.

How does High Risk ACH differ from other merchant providers?

The majority of payment processors in the industry today only utilize one of two different solutions to place accounts. When they receive an application in from a business type that is not supported by either bank, the application gets declined. With High Risk ACH, we represent over ten different banks and payment processors. We are able to setup nearly every business with credit card processing and every business with ACH. There is rarely a case when we will need to decline an account. Even with the high approval rate, companies will still need to provide supporting documents and financials.

Merchants that choose to partner with High Risk ACH will experience:

-Timely Approvals

-Access to Multiple Payment Processors

-On Time Payouts

-On Time Reserve Payouts

-Merchant Support (by phone or email)

-Credit Card, Debit Card and ACH Processing Solutions

-Domestic and Offshore Processors